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Claim back photos on your place!

Collecting from social media. Automatically.

Just pick any hashtag and services you want to collect from.

Let’s say you arranged an event inviting lots of visitors. Lots of photos are taken by them around your event and posted to social media will be collected automatically, like magic. You can keep it as your archive or publish them in your own way. Don’t worry, all collected photos are ones who were publicly posted. We never collect any private photos.

Show them all. Live.

Present all collected photos as Live Gallery.

Don’t just keep all collected photos by your own. You may show them as a Live Gallery, whether you present it on projector or embed it on your website. Just like it’s name, Live Gallery automatically shows new collected photos.

Everything is under your command.

Decide which photos you want to collect via admin panel.

Jepret “Allegra” collecting photos of your events or occasions based on hashtag you set up. Also, you can set it to collect photos based on location you want and even add photo count limit for each user to keep your gallery clean from hashtag abuse.

Collecting from Social Media

Photos are automatically collected in real time from following sources based on one or more hashtags from Jepret Story, Instagram, Twitter, Path/Foursquare/Camera 360 (shared to Twitter) and Google+. We keep all photos for 1 year in our archive and can be downloaded or deleted completely by request.

Administration Panel

We give you access to Adminstration panel to manage hashtags, quota and location filter; view photo gallery; download, manage and delete unwanted photos. If you have your own printer, you can do printing by yourself (using supported printers).

Web Gallery

Web-based gallery for public display or slideshow during the event. Gallery can also be published online or can be embedded within any website or Facebook Page. Support for embedding gallery in your own website is provided for free.

Our Offerings


Rp 1799000

Per Event
  • 3 hours event
  • Unlimited hashtags
  • Unlimited photos

FisheyeMost Popular

Rp 3499000

Per Event
  • 6 hours event
  • Unlimited hashtags
  • Unlimited photos


Rp 5999000

Per Event
  • 12 hours event
  • Unlimited hashtags
  • Unlimited photos


Have specific needs? Call Us

To customise
  • Custom event duration
  • Unlimited hashtags
  • Unlimited photos

Note: Those prices may change without any prior notification. Please visit this website frequently to get the latest information.

Try Jepret Cloud

All packages include:

Dedicated Support

On-call support is ready for 1 month. Dedicated online technical support (via chatting, email, and phone) is provided for all packages.

Custom Gallery

Add 1 custom online gallery for Rp999,000. Just like printing frame, custom gallery may include your own brand, colour or layout identity. You can also put some logos for advertising. If you add this service, we provide free support to integrate gallery to your own website or Facebook Page.


We provide event visitor report (for onsite event), photos collecting report and gallery visit reports upon request.

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