Jepret Cloud Product Tour

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Track Hashtags or Keywords of Photos To Collect

You can track and collect all photos using specific hashtag from popular social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus. You can also do some fine-tune tracking like photo limiting per user, skip retweeted photos, etc.

Publish Online Live Gallery

Visualize engagements around your event or campaign as Live Gallery. Publish and share the gallery to your audiences. You can also curate them too.

Download All Collected Photos

Jepret Cloud let you download all collected photos and use them later for other occasion.

Provide Photo Printing & Customize It

With Jepret Cloud, you can do printing of any collected photos. Customize it by adding cool picture frame to suit with your event or campaign, both portrait or landscape.

Automatic or Manual Printing? It’s Your Choice

Jepret Cloud let you to do automatic photo printing from all collected photos in real time. If you want to print specific photos, just set it to manual printing. Also, you can preview the  result before it’s printed.

All photos from your awesome event are out there.

What you need to do is collecting them.